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Buick - British Dealer Showroom Album

7-1/2" x 9-7/8", 40 pages, printed in full color with a magnificently detailed illustration of each Model.  Very rare 1923 British Dealer Showroom Album.  An exceptional piece of Buick history.  Lists Special Features on Standard Models (both Four and Six Cylinder Models), Lists "Details of English Coachwork" and provides excellent photography of specail features and available accessories.  Includes prices.  Covers the following 1923 British Models: 4-Cylinder 2-3 Seater Empress, 4-Cylinder Standard 5-Seater Touring, 4-Cylinder Standard 3-Seater Coupe, 4-Cylinder Standard 4-Passenger Coupe, 4-Cylinder 4-Seater Suburban Cabriolet, 4-Cylinder Standard 5-Seater Saloon, 4-Cylinder Landaulette, 4-Cylinder 2-3 Seater Arcadian, 6-Cylinder 2-3 Seater Empress, 6-Cylinder 2-Seater Piccadilly, 6-Cylinder Standard 5-Seater Touring, 5-Seater Majestic, 6-Cylinder 7-Seater Monarch Touring, 6-Cylinder 5-Seater Regent, 6-Cylinder 5-Seater Suburban Cabriolet, 6-Cylinder 2-3 Seater Arcadian Cabriolet, 6-Cylinder 4-Passenger Coupe, 6-Cylinder Standard 5-Seater Saloon, 6-Cylinder 5-Seater St. James Cabriolet, 6-Cylinder 7-Seater Windsor Landaulette, 6-Cylinder Standard 7-Seater Saloon, 6-Cylinder 7-Seater Buckingham Landaulette, 6-Cylinder Enclosed Drive Limousine.

Item Number: 01000
Author: General Motors Limited, The Hyde, Hendon, N.W. 9.
Type: Accessory Information
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $83.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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