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Fluid Power or Fluid Drive - For Confidential Use of Salesmen Only

VERY RARE ITEM.  4-1/2" x 6-1/2", 12 pages, printed in Black & White.  Contains six small illustrations.  Defines the use of the words "Fluid Power," "Fluid Drive," "Overdrive" and "Automatic Gear Changer."  Gives very good insight into Harlow Curtice's thinking at the time.  In March, 1941, Cadillac announced the "revolutionary and mostly Cadillac engineered" fully automatic Hydramatic transmission.  An early version auto trans was offered by Olds in 1940 and superceded its self-shifting drives of 1937-39.  30 percent of 1941 Cadillacs had Hydramatics.  Chrysler had introduced an automatic overdrive with the Airflows in the mid-1930s.  Lincoln offered an automatic overdrive by Borg-Warner and a two-speed rear axle in 1941.  So Buick was aiming at others they saw as competition.  In this little guide, Harlow Curtice seems to be telling his Buick salesmen that Buick's improved engine with compound carbs and other features was superior to all of the automatic drive configurations being offered at the time.  A fabulous, and very seldom seen piece of 1941 Buick salesmen training literature, meant for salesmen only!  Special thanks to BHA Vice President Bill Anderson, P.E. for identifying the significance of this rare and unusual 1941 Buick item.



Item Number: 01084
Author: Buick Motor Division
Type: Confidential Dealer Information
Donor or Source: Terry B. Dunham
Cost of Reproduction: $19.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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