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1941 Buicks - Delivered Prices

2-3/4" x 4-5/8" single-fold business card opens to 4-5/8" x 5-1/2".  Item is printed on both sides in blue and white.  Front contains salesman's name and Howard Automobile Company dealer address/phone number.  Rear contains Delivered Prices for most 1941 Buick Models.  Lists installed prices of accessories and optional equipment.  Covers the following Models: 41, 41SE, 46 46S, 46SSE, 51, 51C, 56, 56C, 56S, 61, 66, 66S, 71, 71C, 76C, 76S.

Item Number: 01098
Author: Howard Automobile Company
Type: Business Card
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $5.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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