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1941 Buick Colors - Trims - Models

8-1/2" x 11", one-page, printed in Black & White.  Contains no illustrations.  A very hard-to-find 1941 item.  Document is dated August 8, 1940.  A comprehensive 1941 Buick document.  If you are restoring a 1941 Buick, this document contains extraordinarily useful information that will greatly assist you.  One-page item that is divided into three seperate charts that set forth the following information: Chart 1 provides Buick colors specified by Series (with Duco Numbers) including corresponding wheel colors and wheel stripe colors (with Dulux Numbers).  Includes all two-tone paint combinations.  Chart 2 covers all available trim (upholstery and leather) combinations by color and Model.  Chart 3 lists each 1941 Buick Model Number and the corresponding, designated name of the Model.  For example: "Model 56C - 6 Passenger Convertible Coupe - With full Rear Seat."   Essential reference material for a correct restoration.  Also see BHA item #00096 - Buick Colors & Fabrics for 1941.

Item Number: 01121
Author: Buick Motor Division
Type: Dealer Information
Donor or Source: Terry B. Dunham
Cost of Reproduction: $30.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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