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Buick Accessories Facts Book - 1940

RARE.  4-1/2" x 7-1/2", 27 pages, printed in Black & White, very well-illustrated.  Describes and illustrates Buick's 1940 Approved Accessories. Includes prices.  Reference book that was prepared for the exclusive use of Buick dealers for the ordering, demonstrating and selling of Buick Accessories.  The last page of this book shows confidential Dealer Net Prices on all Accessories as well as suggested retail prices.  Covers 1940 Sonamatic Radio, Underseat Heater and Defroster, Fresh Air Intake, De Luxe Dash Heater, Dual Defroster, Horizontal Grille Guard, Seat Covers, Folding Rear Guard, Fog Lamps, Rear Wheel Shields ("fender skirts"), Exhaust Pipe Trim, Twin Cushion, Radiator Grille Covers, No Rol Device, Insect Screen, C.X. Accessories and C.X. Supply Items.  This is an exceedingly rare and seldom seen 1940 Buick document.

Item Number: 01163
Author: Buick Division, General Motors Sales Corporation
Type: Salesman's Fact Book
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $60.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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