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Buick DeLuxe Straight Eight - 1931 Buick 8-90 Series

12" x 10-7/8", 28 pages, printed in full color throughout.  Here at the BHA; we think this is one of the most beautiful, impressive and extensively illustrated catalogs that Buick has ever produced.  It is one of our very favorites, and we are pleased to have completed its digitizing so that we can now offer it to you.  The illustrations in this catalog neraly defy description, but we'll try any way!  The illustration of each Series 90 Model in this sales catalog is presented against a back-drop of a highly detailed tapestry-like setting, creating a unique, elegant effect that greatly accentuates each of the automobiles that are depicted.  Describes and beautifully illustrates the Series 90 Buick Valve-in-Head Straight-Eight engine and Syncro-Mesh transmission.  Describes and illustrates the following Series 90 Models: Moel 8-90 Seven-Passenger Four-Door Sedan, Model 8-90L Seven-Passenger Limousine Sedan, Model 8-91 Five-Passenger Four-Door Sedan, Model 8-94 Four-Passenger Sport Roadster, Model 8-95 Seven-Passenger Phaeton, Model 8-96 Five-Passenger Coupe and the Model 8-96S Four-Passenger Country Club Coupe.  Also describes and illustrates many of the exclusive 1931 mechanical developments by Buick for the 1931 Series 90 Models.  Describes and illustrates Fisher Body construction for the Series 90 Models and contains a highly detailed illustration of the interior of the Model 8-90L Seven-Passenger Limousine Sedan.  Also contains detailed specifications for each Model.  Because the Model 8-96C Convertible Coupe was introduced in January of 1932, this sales catalog does not cover it (see BHA item # 01056).

Item Number: 01174
Author: Buick Motor Company, Flint, Michigan
Type: Sales Catalog
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $75.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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