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1966 Buick Engineering Facts and Features

235 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", printed in black, white and blue, item is extensively illustrated with highly detailed, rare photographs. 1966 Buick Engineering Information book. This is a Buick document prepared for internal use. RARE item. Describes and illustrates in great detail all of the 1966 Buick new engineeriing features, both styling and mechanical. Contains 1966 specifications including models, options, equipment, exterior colors, interior trim specifications. Also includes A.M.A. specifications for all 1966 Buick models. An indispensable reference book if you own or are restoring a 1996 Buick. Contains extensive engineering information.

Item Number: 01240
Author: Buick Engineering - Product Information Department
Type: Engineering Information
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $145.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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