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1904 Buick Model B Test Car - Historic Test Run

Photograph of the 1904 Buick Model B Test Car.  Historic Buick Test Run - On July 9, 1904, Walter Marr, left, chief engineer of Buick, and Tom Buick, son of the founder of the Buick Motor Company, David Dunbar Buick, drove this car from Flint to Detroit on a test run to prove the reliability of a Buick.  This photograph was taken on arrival of the car back in Flint.  The run from Detroit to Flint, over muddy, unpaved roads, took 217 minutes.  Black & White photograph.  8" x 10".  Outstanding quality image of an often poorly reproduced photograph.  The BHA is grateful to acccomplished GM and Buick historian and author, Kevin M. Kirbitz, for assisting with the description this photograph.

Item Number: 00777
Author: Buick Public Relations, Flint, Michigan
Type: Factory Photograph
Donor or Source: Buick Public Relations, Flint, Michigan
Cost of Reproduction: $7.50
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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