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Buick Magazine, Volume 7, Number 10, January, 1942

The first issue of Buick Magazine (Volume 1, Number 1) was dated April, 1935.  Buick continuously published Buick Magazine through January, 1942 (Volume 7, Number 10) as "a cordial handshake, assuring you that we are happy to have you and yours as members of the Buick family."  Due the war effort, this extremely rare January, 1942 issue was the last issue of Buick Magazine to be published until May of 1946 (Volume 7, Number 11).  16 pages, four colors, 8-1/2" x 11".  Pages #8-9 contain a well-illustrated article about Buick’s newly completed Melrose, Illinois aviation engine plant.  On page #15, a letter appears from Harlow H. Curtice, President and General Manager of Buick Motor Division, and H.F. Hufstader, Vice President and General Sales Manager, Buick Motor Division:

Dear Reader:

We are sorry to tell you that this issue of the Buick Magazine is the last one you will receive.  Because of our full participation in war work, it has become necessary to suspend publication for the duration of the emergency.  May we take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Buick and to your Buick dealer.  It has meant a great deal to us through this troubled period.  We know that the fine friendship already existing between you and your Buick dealer will be strengthened in the days ahead.  He is well equipped to care for all your service needs and to help you in conserving your car so that it will give you the fullest measure of service.  You can count on your Buick dealer to do everything in his power to give you uninterrupted personal transportation, which undoubtedly will become increasingly important in carrying out your own share in the national effort.  No doubt you will be as sorry as we are to say good-bye temporarily to an old friend like the Buick Magazine.  But if this step contributes even in a small way toward ultimate victory, I am sure we will all agree it is for the best.

Item Number: 00849
Author: Buick Magazine, Buick Motor Division
Type: Buick Magazine
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
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