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Here at the BHA, it's unaminous; we think this is one of the most beautiful and extensively illustrated catalogs that Buick has ever produced.  It is one of our very favorites, and we are pleased to have completed its digitizing so that we can now offer it to you.  Quite frankly, it is so extensive, and contains so many wonderful, fold-out panel illustrations, and so much rare photography, that it nearly defies description.  But we'll try any way!  The cover of this catalog is in color.  It is a four-panel fold-out that opens-up to a 12-1/4" x 35-1/2" poster containing the following text: Top: "First In Safety, First In Comfort, First In Power, First In Speed," Bottom: "When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them, Makes All The Hills Seem On The Level."  The poster depicts a 1914 Buick climbing a hill on the newly constructed Lincoln Highway.  This catalog also contains a second four-color, fold-out poster that is 12" x 35", printed in three colors, it contains the illustrated story of the history of the Overhead Valve Motor.  Across the top of this poster appear the bold words: "Buick Cars Are Backed By An Organization Extending From Ocean To Ocean."  And there is yet a third fold-out poster that is 23" x 35-1/2".  It depicts a coast-to-coast map of the Lincoln Highway with renderings of Buick distributors along the route.  The catalog itself is 8-3/4" x 12", 22 pages, printed in four colors.  It covers the entire 1914 Buick line with excellent photography, and it includes detailed specifications.  Also contains absolutely spectacular factory production photos including drop forging, helical gear cutters, Buick method of heat treatment, parts stock photos, chassis assembly, body construction, radiator construction, construction of hard tops, engine production, assembly and testing, foundry operations, and lots, lots more.  The contents of this 1914 catalog are so significant that you will receive everything contained this catalog printed in ACTUAL SIZE, including the three fold-out posters.  Your posters will be shipped to you in a sturdy tube.  This is a significant piece of Buick literature that virtually every Buick enthusiast will cherish.  The posters are magnificent, as is this entire 1914 catalog.  PLEASE ALLOW FOUR WEEKS FOR PRINTING AND DELIVERY.

Item Number: 00899
Author: Buick Motor Company
Type: Sales Catalog
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $325.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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