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Garber Buick - What Real Motor Car Service Includes

6" x 9", 35 pages.  Black & White.  Describes a trip through the new Garber-Buick service building.  Exceptional photography throughout.  Includes photographs of the Garber-Buick sales showroom, Mr. Garber's private office, the Garber sales force, the used car department show room, accounting departmenmt, parts department, battery department, service department, repair department, steam-cleaning department, air brush painting, paint department, stock rooms, drying ovens, wood and metal working department, top and curtain department and garage storage department.  Also includes photographs of all of the Buick dealers for which Garber was a distributor.  A fabulous book that well-depicts a Buick distributor's complete operations in 1918.

Item Number: 00908
Author: Garber-Buick Company, Saginaw, Michigan
Type: Buick Distributor Information
Donor or Source: Dan Bower
Cost of Reproduction: $35.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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