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Continental "Ready-Flated" Tires & Demountable Rims

6" x 9", 34 pages, Black & White (printed in three colors).  1910 Sales catalog for Continental "Ready-Flated" Tires & Demountable Rims.  Published by the Continental Caoutchouc Company, 1788-90 Broadway, New York.  "Continental Tires.  You see them everywhere and their users are always satisfied.  The market always welcomes good productions."  Contains testimonial letters from many of the major manufacturers of the time.  Each letter is accompanied by a detailed photograph.  Page 30 features a letter dated December 4, 1909 from the Buick Motor Company, New York Branch, 1733-1737 Broadway, Bet. 55th and 56th Sts.  The letter states the following: "Continental Tire Co., New York, N.Y.  Dear Sirs:-  We have used Continental removable rims on some of our stock racing cars and they have proven entirely satisfactory.  Several of our customers have used them and from our reports they are highly pleased.  BUICK MOTOR COMPANY, of NEW YORK.  Page 30 features an excellent photograph on Wild Bob Burman at the wheel of a Buick race car.  The late Terry B. Dunham, Founder of the BHA, commented on this photograph:  "The Buick race car shown in the Continental tires catalog is actually a Marquette-Buick.  The AAA sanctioning body caught Buick bending the rules a bit and as part of the agreement to keep the cars eligible and in competition, Durant agreed to call the cars Marquette-Buicks in his advertising.  However, it seems that Durant had a bit of a bad memory and every chance he got he would identify the cars as Buicks!!"

Item Number: 00914
Author: Published by the Continental Caoutchouc Company, 1788-90 Broadway, New York
Type: Accessory Information
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $25.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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