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Buick Questionnaire - Questions you may want answered in selecting a motor car to serve and endure

6" x 8-7/8", 28 pages, Black & White, contains no illustrations.   An unusual book published by Buick for potential new car buyers.  This item lists 335 different questions for a prospective buyer to ask a Buick salesman when shopping for a new Buick.  Answers to the questions are given in a separate, extremely rare book called "Buick Questionnaire Answers," which can be also purchased from the BHA (see item #00970).  The Answers book was published and "issued for the personal use of Buick dealers and salesmen only."

Item Number: 00969
Author: Buick Motor Company, Flint, Michigan
Type: Accessory Information
Donor or Source: David M. Landow
Cost of Reproduction: $30.00
Cost of Original Document: There are no originals of this item available.

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