The Buick Heritage Alliance is organized for the acquisition, restoration, preservation, and display to the public of Buick automobiles and related items. The BHA promotes historical research and the dissemination of information concerning the origin and development of the Buick automobile and the individuals who contributed to it.


Buick Old Factory
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November 17, 1922
Assembly of a 1923 Buick Chassis

HISTORY of the

The Buick Heritage Alliance, Inc. (the "BHA") was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 2005 as a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation and has received its recognition from the IRS as a charitable institution. It is therefore eligible to receive financial donations, and donations of literature, memorabilia, artwork and automobiles, all of which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Filling a need for those who have an interest in preserving Buick's history, heritage, and the automobiles produced and sold by the Buick Motor Company since its inception in 1903, is an active goal of the BHA.

The BHA maintains an extensive online electronic Research Archive that is constantly expanded with new documents. The BHA is the only organization worldwide that digitizes original Buick documents and offers high-resolution reproductions of these documents to Buick researchers, restorers and hobbyists, and to the entire Buick community, at reasonable costs. Through the BHA's web site, Buick reserachers can access hundreds of original, historically significant Buick documents. This is the core premise upon which the BHA was founded.  More recently, the BHA's mission, and its web site, were expanded to include the acquisition, preservation and digitizing of documents related to Buick's World War II production efforts.

The BHA maintains its physical research archive at the AACA Library & Research Center, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The BHA regularly works to promote Buick related displays at various museums around the country.

The BHA is not affiliated with the General Motors Corporation, but it does maintain a close and cooperative relationship with GM's Buick Motor Division.